清水 節


date body
1977 The University of Tokyo (LL.B.)
1979 The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
1979-1982 Yokohama District Court
1982-1985 Tokushima District/Family Court
1985-1989 Tokyo Family Court
1989-1992 National Tax Tribunal in Tokyo
1992-1996 Tsu District /Family Court (Yokkaichi branch)
1996-2000 Tokyo High Court (Intellectual Property Department)
2000-2003 Naha District/Family Court (Director of First Civil Division)
2003-2004 Tokyo High Court (Intellectual Property Department)
2004-2010 Tokyo District Court (Director of Intellectual Property Department)
2010-2011 Intellectual Property High Court
2011-2013 Tokushima District/Family Court (President)
2013-2017 Intellectual Property High Court (Director of Litigation Department (Second Division))
2017-2018 Intellectual Property High Court (President)
2018 Admitted to bar, Japan
2018-Present Waseda University and Waseda Law School (part-time lecturer)
2019-Present AI Samurai Inc. (Outside Auditor)
2019-Present Visiting Professor of Keio University