柳田 幸男


date body
1956 Waseda University (LL.B.)
1956 Passed the bar examination
1958 Waseda University (LL.M.)
1960 Admitted to bar, Japan
1966 Harvard Law School (LL.M.)
1966 Graham & James (San Francisco, CA)
1982-1993 Oiles Industry Co., Ltd. (Outside Director)
1988-1989 Japan Federation of Bar Associations (Executive Governor)
1991 Visiting Professor of Harvard Law School (Cambridge, MA)
1993-2005 Overseer to Visit the Law School, Board of Overseers of Harvard College
1994-1995 Study Committee on International Arbitration, Ministry of Justice, Japanese Government
1994-1998 Deliberative Committee of Ministry of Justice, (Private International Law Committee), Japanese Government
1994-Present America-Japan Society, Inc. (Council Member)
1996-2002 Committee on Disclosure of Public Information and Protection of Personal Information, Meguro City
1996-Present The International Civil and Commercial Law Center (Council Member)
1997-Present Harvard Law School Dean’s Advisory Board
1999-2002 Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University (Visiting Professor)
1999-2015 The Hatakeyama Culture Foundation (Director)
2000-2012 The Kaetsuno Ikueisha Foundation (Director)
2000-2015 The Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art (Director)
2003-2008 The Advisory Board of the University of Tokyo Law School
2003-2016 YKK Corporation (Outside Director)
2006-Present Japan Committee for the Law Association for Asia and the Pacific (LAWASIA) (Counselor) (Vice-Chair, 1992-2006) (Japan Councilor of LAWASIA, 1997-2003)
2007-Present The American Law Institute
2007-Present Daiwa Securities Health Foundation (Council Member)
2007-2018 The Yoshida Scholarship Foundation (Council Member) (Inspector, 1999-2005) (Director, 2005-2007)
2010-2014 Waseda University (Executive Director)